Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Alpine Heli-Ski Ltd acknowledges and respects the privacy of individuals. It accepts and adheres to its obligations under the National Privacy Principles and all relevant privacy legislation protecting the rights of individuals.

Where personal information is stored all reasonable efforts will be made to keep the information relevant and up to date whilst offering the individual a chance to amend that information or have it deleted at any time. Any such requests should be made directly in writing to:

The Privacy Officer
Alpine Heli-Ski Ltd
P.O.Box 992, Queenstown
New Zealand
or by e-mail

Personal information stored on the Alpine Heli-Ski Ltd server, is protected by passwords, fire walls and up to date bug detectors. This means all our data is protected from internal and external misuse, loss or unauthorised access.

Alpine Heli-Ski Ltd will always be open about who we are, how we are gathering the information and what we are doing with the information gathered. Individual requests to access and correct relevant information will always be met as is required under the National Privacy Principles.

Alpine Heli-Ski Ltd or Alpine Heli-Ski Ltd on behalf of its clients may contact individuals now and again with offers, products or services that might be of interest to the individual.
Alpine Heli-Ski Ltd may also allow that information to be given to third parties for a similar purpose unless the individual has clearly indicated that this is not to occur. In all other situations, any further contact with the individual by Alpine Heli-Ski Ltd, its clients or other third parties will be done with a clear opt out provision enabling the individual not to receive any further contacts and, if they wish, to have their information deleted from any relevant database.

In the event of collecting information for one of its client, Alpine Heli-Ski Ltd will always follow the relevant current privacy policy of that client and, if no such privacy policy exists, Alpine Heli-Ski Ltd will always ensure that the individual’s interests are protected by following the National Privacy Principles and all relevant privacy legislation.

Privacy is a sensitive issue. At any time, if you believe we have not adhered to these principles, please let us know by e-mail and we will make every effort to review and correct the problem.